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Hover over the marker for details, or click it for a popup window with the listing. The price search only works if the person who made the listing set a proper search price value - if, like many agents, they listed with a very low search price* then the property will show up almost regardless of the price setting. I have attempted to indicate this by showing the property with a white marker and a '$'. The other problem relates to properties which are going to auction, and more commonly properties with 'Price by negotiation'*. These show up as a green marker with an 'A' and a red marker with an 'X' respectively.

* May the fleas of 1000 camels infest these peoples armpits forever. They are perfectly able to tell you the price if you ask, but for some reason appear unwilling to share it in the place it would be most useful to people looking for a property - the listing itself. And in the case of the search price being set far too low: they seem to think people on a lower budget would be interested in wading through multi-million-dollar mansions. Idiots.

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