Manufactured by His Master's Voice (N.Z.) Ltd in 1949.

5-valve broadcast model. At least 2 chassis variants - one of which has Philips(?) style IF cans, a miniature valve in the lineup, a different tuning cap (and reversed dial) and other differences like the orientation of the tone switch - possibly different manufacturers? Or just different runs with changes to suit parts availability (although its odd that the tone switch was rotated and one run was stamped with high / low and the other wasn't). Both sighted models have 'Manufactured by H.M.V. (NZ) Ltd', however its possible one (or both) were manufactured by other companies, such as Collier & Beale.

Valve Lineup: 7S7, 7B7, 7C6 (or 6AQ6 ?), 7C5, 7Y4

I.F. Frequency: 455kc/s