Manufactured for Turnbull and Jones Ltd by Radio Corporation of New Zealand in 1952.

Also sold as a Columbus model, this was the last small receiver ever sold under the Courtenay label - within two years Turnbull and Jones would have pulled out of the radio receiver market and the Courtenay brand would be consigned to history. This receiver was known as the 'Talisman', named after the HMS Talisman, a WW2 Triton class submarine.

Valve Lineup: 6BE6, 6BA6, 6AV6, 6AQ5, 6X4

Chassis Notes: 5-valve mantle radio chassis, found in Columbus and Courtenay radios that looked very much the same aside from the dial. Similar in style to the 5, and physically narrower than the 5B.

All documented models using the same chassis