Site Objective
The site was created to preserve the history of NZ radio manufacturing, the brands, the companies and in some cases the characters behind it all. Where possible the idea is to photo-document as many models as possible, with as many details as possible - ideally this will include the schematic, IF frequency and valve compliment so that those servicing or restoring a particular model will have the basic info at hand - of course, for this we need your help. If you have photos, information or service info for a particular model and can share it, please get in touch

* Photos with a silver border are specific to the model, while those with a blue border are general 'chassis' photos for that model (most often this will be used for a schematic where it covers several models with the same chassis).
* After some feedback from users who don't have high-speed internet, model images are now stored in two sizes. By selecting the smaller image size option in the menu most site images should be considerably smaller and faster to load. This EXCLUDES schematics, as it would make most of them unreadable. At this point it also excludes images found in the text of pages, as they should not be large to begin with. If you need to see an image in full size, you can simply reselect high resolution images in the menu. The chosen option should remain in effect until you close your internet browser.

This is not fully implemented at this point, although you can do a quick model, brand or manufacturer (the site searches in that order) selection by simply writing the name on the end of the site address. For example:
will take you to the Bell Colt page,
will take you to the landing page for RCNZ-built model 12's (Both Columbus and Courtenay models were produced).
will take you to Radio Corporation of New Zealand page.
will take you to the information page for Pacific Radio Ltd.