Page Not Found - No Menu!

One of the more annoying things in Drupal is that when you get a 404 error (ie, "Page Not Found"), all the menus disappear.

Its simply fixed, but IMHO it shouldn't need fixing... although its a hotly debated topic when someone brings it up.

First of all, go to Create Content - Page and make a simple page called 404 with some text in the body saying something like, "We can't find it sorry".  Save it and note the URL (node/[number of node] - or if you are using PathAuto it will probably be something like content/404).

Now go to Administer - Site Configuration - Error Reporting, and fill in the path to the 404 error (you can do one for 403 errors here as well if you like).

You can test it by going to a dummy address on your site that you know doesn't exist - you should have your primary links visible again now (but probably not your navigation menu or sidebars).

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