A Dynamic Floating Tag Cloud in Drupal, using Flash

Have you ever seen the floating tag clouds on sites (like the one I use) and thought, "Cool, I want one of those!" ?

Well, I did - and a little Googling later, I came across the Wordpress version (WP-Cumulus) by Roy Tanck... then a little more searching led me to a Drupal module called Cumulus, ported by Pratul Kalia & Bjoern Jacob.  It can be found here:



The Module

It relies on Tagadelic, which is probably the best known (perhaps only?) tag cloud module for Drupal - but I've always found static tag clouds to be pretty ugly and so I'd never used it... but the Cumulus module definintely tranforms the 'ugly duckling' - apart from the performance hit of having a flash object on the page, its pretty and fun to play with (at least for a few seconds).

Ugly Static TagsPretty Dynamic Tags

^ Boring old tag cloud  ---  Pretty new tag cloud ^



Installing is simple.  Download the two modules, and the required .js file (Found here) as noted in the instructions on the Cumulus page (put that in your Cumulus module directory), then enable both modules.  From there you just need to know what taxonomy term ID you want to use - simply go to Admin - Taxonomy and click "List Terms" for the one you wish to use for the cloud, then look at the address in the address bar, it will end in the term ID you need to use.

I use it in a block, and when I first set it up it I ran into a problem that wasn't well documented - it just didn't do anything.  The solution is simple - make sure when you set the block active in the sidebar (or wherever you intend to use it) that you configure it - even if you don't want to change anything - if you don't click configure then save it just won't work.  Then clear your caches if things still are not looking right.

While in the configuration, I upped the smallest font size from 10 to 12, changed the width and height to suit my sidebar and changed the colours (including making the background transparent).  Apparently some older browsers don't like the transparent option - and apparently Linux doesn't either due to the currently available version of Flash - let me know below if you have problems.



I've also added a module to my tagging arsenal called TagTool, by jimyhuang.  If you use free-tagging then this is an invaluable one.  It pops up a pre-determined number of previous tags (or ALL of them, or a user defined list) when you are typing a blog entry and you click in the tags input box - you just select the tags you want if they are already there - saves a great deal of typing Cool)

codes de réduction

I really love your website.. Excellent colors & theme. Did you make this web site yourself? Please reply back as I’m hoping to create my own personal website and would love to find out where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Many thanks! codes de réduction

Thanks, its my own theme,

Thanks, its my own theme, based on something I saw and liked a long time ago... so you won't find it available anywhere but if you like it you should be able to replicate the idea relatively easily.  

Its really due an update - but I have other work that keeps getting in the way.  Cheers

Nice. Simply helpful

Yup. This was very helpful, ocnsidering the addition of the tag cumulus functionality.




Drupal Freelance web designer

I'll look forward to seeing

I'll look forward to seeing you using it on your site then : )

Tags don't show up

This module is not working for me, here are some information about what I have done so far:

  • followed the directions on this page and on the readme.txt file, installed the module, enabled it.
  • Created taxonomy terms and copied the IDs to the Block settings page
  • enabled the block
  • cleared the cash

I have enabled both Tagadelic and Cumulous Blocks.

Tagadelic Block doesn't even show anywhere!  Cumulous block shows, but displayes nothing, just an empty space.

Changed the font color and size, still nothing (clearing the cache after every change).

When I click on the more tags option, it displays .../tagadelic/chunk/5%2C 6%2C 7 where 5, 6, 7 are the term IDs and %2C is the space.  I tried with one ID still the same.  all result in Page not found.

What am I doing wrong?  any feedback is appreciated.

The only thing I can suggest

The only thing I can suggest is trying to configure the block, then save the settings (as suggested in the text).  Its been a long time since I have set this up...  Hope that helps some



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