Drupal 7 Admin Menu has no drop-downs?

Drupal 7 has a nice built in admin menu, but it slows me down... its just not as good as what I have been using for a couple of years in Drupal 6, that is: admin_menu.  Specifically - I really miss the dropdowns.

I've pulled the built-in menu from one of my sites recently and replaced it with Admin Menu because it was just too annoying waiting for it... heres what I did in case anyone else wants the old-skool admin menu:

1. Disable 'Toolbar' in the Core Modules.  This gets rid of the built-in one.

2. Install the admin_menu module (drush dl admin-menu to get it if you don't have it - assuming you have Drush - otherwise do it the old-fashioned way... then get Drush, its great.).  If you find you can't find a link to the admin section now, just put '/admin' after the domain name.

3. Enable the Admin Menu on the modules page - you're done :)

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thanks a lot.. even in drupal.org i didnt find anythign related.. here i got.. simple and gooooooooooood

You're welcome... glad it

You're welcome... glad it helped : )

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