Ubuntu 10.04 Minimise Maximise Close buttons on the wrong (left) side...

UPDATE 2: Ubuntu 16.04 has blocked the ability to change this - good on you, assholes.

UPDATE: Ubuntu 13.04 requires a different fix, I've added it below

Well, I love the new release of Ubuntu...  but I really don't like the new layout of the min/max/close block... And nor do a lot of other people by the looks of things: it got its very own bug track with a massive number of posts on it (#532633).  Well, this is all fine, its Linux - I can change it... can't I?...

...yes, but not how you might think.  I tried swapping themes, I looked in all the options... but I just couldn't find the simple, yet missing, option to swap the minimise maximise and close buttons back to where I want them (on the right)... until I did some searching on the net... and found I wasn't alone. 

And the solution is?... a command line hack.  HUH?  So they change the time-tested and ingrained UI layout then make us hack the command line to fix it again?  On what planet is that good useability?  Apparently its more Mac-like... but if I wanted a Mac I'd buy one.  I want to work smarter and faster - and this just screws me up...

I've always liked Linux, even when I didn't really understand it (which is not to say I understand it today, just that I understand it better than the first time I installed Mandrake many years back).  But this is one of those things I don't understand OR like.  Not enough to make me switch distros, but enough of a reality check to make me realise that Ubuntu is not some infallible god of an OS - its made by people, and people make mistakes.  THIS is a mistake.  I hope they either put them back by default, or make a very simple shortcut to allow users to put them back if they so desire.

Anyway - rant over - heres the fix (its all one line, and enter it as your user, not sudo):

gconftool -s /apps/metacity/general/button_layout -t string  menu:minimize,maximize,close


Or for Ubuntu 13.04:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout ':minimize,maximize,close'


simple, huh? Cool


Update:  I just read this, and I'm mad all over again.  Ubuntu is not a democracy... I'm sure all the OSS people who've helped contribute to making Ubuntu #1 will be pleased to hear it...  I considered changing distros to a more open one over this, but time constraints have forced me to maintain the status quo.