Nana, this one is for you.

In little over 2 hours from now I'll walk into a lecture theatre holding little more than 2 ball-point pens and a calculator for the last time in what has been a three-and-a-half year voyage of rediscovery, fun, learning, stress and joy.

My final exam is upon me - it seems like its been forever, and yet it also seems like its all over too soon.  I could also use a couple of extra days to do some final prep before this one - but I've felt that way about every single exam since I started this back in mid-2009, so that feeling is getting quite familiar.

University.  Who knew I'd do that?  Well, my Nana did - because I told her I would... while I was still in high school.  I still remember her asking me what I would do when I finished school, "Will you go to University and get a good education?".  "Yes Nana, I will", I replied.

Well, I finished school and joined the Air Force instead.  Then I worked as a machine setter in an injection moulding firm, ran a busy computer workshop, pumped gas and made beds in a resort town, managed servers and networks for corporates, replaced broken CD ROM drives for little old ladies just like my Nana (who never had a computer in her life), modified and repaired offroad vehicles, built and managed websites, cleaned windows, got married to a beautiful woman and had an amazing little daughter (and got a couple of extra amazing little girls from my Sister as well) and I even taught computing to a wide range of people, from teens to octogenarians (but again, not my Nana).  If I think about it, I've squeezed a heck of a lot into those intervening years... and now I'm about to squeeze in one more.  A degree in Computer Science.

I'm sitting in my office at uni (yes, I have an office... well, a corner in one anyway.  Its not something they generally hand out to undergrads - but hard work has its own rewards) thinking, "I should be studying"... but all I can think about is that this is it.  By 11am it will be all over, for better or worse I will be a changed man... better, stronger, faster... oh, hang on - that was Steve Austin...  Actually I'm looking forward to being issued my lab coat and walk shorts, then getting some argyle socks and a pocket protector to complete the look.  Look out world, here I come.  A Scientist!

But regardless - Nana, this one is for you.