Murphy (F&P) Service Information for various models

Fisher and PaykelRecently I aquired a large folder full of service information for the NZ designed and built 'Murphy' range of radios, TV's and grams from the 60's and 70's.  This brand was produced by Fisher and Paykel - who's main claim to fame these days is whiteware.

I bought the folder because I was hoping it would have a wider range of manufacturers in it - I was really hoping for Columbus / Courtenay circuits... but it only contains Murphy - however this is probably a treasure trove for anyone with a kiwi collection, so I want to make it available to anyone who needs it.

I'll add the scans as I can get around to it - but if you're looking for something then get in touch with me and ask - its a full lever-arch folder so theres bound to be something you need in here.  Hopefully it proves useful to someone.

Series 8 Wallgram / Stereogram (MG1387)

P62 Portable Transistor Radio

Series 9