Installing an Ainol Novo 7 Paladin Tablet in Linux (Ubuntu)

I recently got one of these, and I love it.  But I'm doing some Grails development in Windows, for which I needed Java 7, 64-bit - so I've taken to doing my Android development in Linux.

While trying to install the tablet in Linux I came up against something I hadn't seen before... abd devices gave me the following output:

List of devices attached 
80A354043044674101 device
???????????? no permissions

The first one is my LG Phone, the second is the Paladin.  No permissions?  Odd.  So I did a little Googling and came up with the following solution:

Do a lsusb to find the device id (if you have a lot of devices and you can't find out which one it is then do it once with the paladin unplugged, then plug it in and do it again - the new one in the list will be the one you want), and note the first 4 digits of the device.  Mine was like this: (note the 4 digits you need are highlighted here)

Bus 002 Device 012: ID 18d1:dddd Google Inc. 

Navigate to /etc/udev/rules.d - and find the android rules file.  Mine was 69-android.rules.  Now edit this file and add the following line at the bottom:

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="18d1", MODE="0666"

Be sure to use your id, not mine :)

Now just unplug the tablet, and plug it back in... then run adb devices again and you should see something like this:

List of devices attached
80A354043044674101 device
Novo7 Paladin device

Bingo! Everything is as it should be.