CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE to restart X Windows in Ubuntu 10.10

Recently I started to have a problem with my new 22" flat panel where it won't wake up from sleep - leaving me with just my laptops display running.  Pulling the HDMI plug and re-inserting it works in Windows 7, but not in Ubuntu - I get a popup message stating that the discovered monitor cannot be enabled as the new display configuration doesn't fit - or words to that effect.

So, like most people who have used Linux with X, I hit CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE thinking that would probably work to resolve the display configuration... but it seems that in recent times Ubuntu have taken that option away (I'm assuming its to avoid the horrified look on an unsuspecting new users face if they accidentally hit those three buttons together and everything dies in front of them).

Anyway, I'm not an unsuspecting user - and if I accidentally hit that configuration then I deserve to have my windows die... so I went looking for an answer... and here it is, tucked conventiently in the keyboard configuration just waiting to be ticked:


Choose the LAYOUT tab

Click the OPTIONS... button

About half-way down the list is the option "Key sequence to kill the X server" - expand that out and tick the box as shown (click the image for a larger screenshot)

Click close on both windows, and you're done Cool