Backup and Restore MySQL from the command line (CLI)

I use MySQL.  I like MySQL... but I don't trust MySQL. 

Actually, I don't trust anything computer-based, its nothing against MySQL at all... so I like to back up my databases from time to time.

Now because I have my own server, I can use the command line to do most of my management, which I prefer,  but try as I might the backup and restore commands escape me every time I go to use them... so here they are, just for me (and you too)

to back up:

mysqldump -u username -p databasename > backupfile.sql

To restore:

Fatal error (maximum execution time exceeded) when using Drupal on WAMP

Have you had this error while developing a Drupal site on a WAMP server?  Its common, and relatively easy to fix.

<strong>Fatal error</strong>:  Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in <strong>C:\wamp\www\&lt;mysite&gt;\includes\</strong> on line <strong>108</strong>

Using WAMP to run / develop Drupal Websites on your Local Computer

I recently decided to install WAMP so that I could speed up my development, and work on my development projects on my laptop while not within internet coverage.  There are a number of ways to do this, but one of the more popular is the WAMP package ( which automagically installs the server packages you need to run most modern sites, including Drupal.