Clicking EDIT on a node gives a 500 error

So there are lots of references to this issue, most of them very specific to one problem - and mine was no different.

Fatal error (maximum execution time exceeded) when using Drupal on WAMP

Have you had this error while developing a Drupal site on a WAMP server?  Its common, and relatively easy to fix.

<strong>Fatal error</strong>:  Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in <strong>C:\wamp\www\&lt;mysite&gt;\includes\</strong> on line <strong>108</strong>

Page Not Found - No Menu!

One of the more annoying things in Drupal is that when you get a 404 error (ie, "Page Not Found"), all the menus disappear.

Its simply fixed, but IMHO it shouldn't need fixing... although its a hotly debated topic when someone brings it up.