Adding a Google Map to a Drupal 7 page

Recently I needed to add a Google Map to a contact page, which led me to have a read of the new V3 API Google has released.  Previously you needed to get a key and mess around a bit - but now you simply add the Javascript to the page and you're good to go.  Unfortunately I couldn't just modify the <head> section of the page.tpl.php file as its now hidden away in /modules/system/html.tpl.php and included in each rendered page...

Drupal 7 Admin Menu has no drop-downs?

Drupal 7 has a nice built in admin menu, but it slows me down... its just not as good as what I have been using for a couple of years in Drupal 6, that is: admin_menu.  Specifically - I really miss the dropdowns.

I've pulled the built-in menu from one of my sites recently and replaced it with Admin Menu because it was just too annoying waiting for it... heres what I did in case anyone else wants the old-skool admin menu:

1. Disable 'Toolbar' in the Core Modules.  This gets rid of the built-in one.

SEO - Search Engine Friendly Drupal

I am no SEO specialist... but I have seen the results of good design and bad, and I've been developing for the web for long enough to have a reasonable handle on how to design a site for pretty reasonable SEO.

Drupal, out of the box, is ok - but there are things you can do to vastly improve your chances of getting noticed when people search for what you have.

First of all, clean URLs.  You may have seen mention of them when installing Drupal.  If you didn't understand, then here is an example:

Backup and Restore MySQL from the command line (CLI)

I use MySQL.  I like MySQL... but I don't trust MySQL. 

Actually, I don't trust anything computer-based, its nothing against MySQL at all... so I like to back up my databases from time to time.

Now because I have my own server, I can use the command line to do most of my management, which I prefer,  but try as I might the backup and restore commands escape me every time I go to use them... so here they are, just for me (and you too)

to back up:

mysqldump -u username -p databasename > backupfile.sql

To restore:

PECL Upload Progress Bar Installation

progressWell, I did this a while ago on a server I built up to host Drupal sites... and recently I switched VPS providers to Rimu Hosting (big plug for these guys, the support is incredible, the prices reasonable and the experience is top-notch - check them out) so had to do it again, but I'd completely forgotten how I did it...

Flash (.flv) Video on a Drupal Site - FlashVideo module

Have you ever wanted your own little youtube, or just to be able to have video on your site thats not linked from somewhere else?  I needed it recently, so went through the process of looking at all the flash video modules only to be turned off by the complexity most of them... so I went back to one I first used a few years ago with a friend and developer who helped modify the code written by Travist so that it worked in Drupal 4.7.

Fatal error (maximum execution time exceeded) when using Drupal on WAMP

Have you had this error while developing a Drupal site on a WAMP server?  Its common, and relatively easy to fix.

<strong>Fatal error</strong>:  Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in <strong>C:\wamp\www\&lt;mysite&gt;\includes\database.mysqli.inc</strong> on line <strong>108</strong>

Using WAMP to run / develop Drupal Websites on your Local Computer

I recently decided to install WAMP so that I could speed up my development, and work on my development projects on my laptop while not within internet coverage.  There are a number of ways to do this, but one of the more popular is the WAMP package (www.wampserver.com) which automagically installs the server packages you need to run most modern sites, including Drupal.

Page Not Found - No Menu!

One of the more annoying things in Drupal is that when you get a 404 error (ie, "Page Not Found"), all the menus disappear.

Its simply fixed, but IMHO it shouldn't need fixing... although its a hotly debated topic when someone brings it up.

A Dynamic Floating Tag Cloud in Drupal, using Flash

Have you ever seen the floating tag clouds on sites (like the one I use) and thought, "Cool, I want one of those!" ?

Well, I did - and a little Googling later, I came across the Wordpress version (WP-Cumulus) by Roy Tanck... then a little more searching led me to a Drupal module called Cumulus, ported by Pratul Kalia & Bjoern Jacob.  It can be found here: