Clean URLs

SEO - Search Engine Friendly Drupal

I am no SEO specialist... but I have seen the results of good design and bad, and I've been developing for the web for long enough to have a reasonable handle on how to design a site for pretty reasonable SEO.

Drupal, out of the box, is ok - but there are things you can do to vastly improve your chances of getting noticed when people search for what you have.

First of all, clean URLs.  You may have seen mention of them when installing Drupal.  If you didn't understand, then here is an example:

Using WAMP to run / develop Drupal Websites on your Local Computer

I recently decided to install WAMP so that I could speed up my development, and work on my development projects on my laptop while not within internet coverage.  There are a number of ways to do this, but one of the more popular is the WAMP package ( which automagically installs the server packages you need to run most modern sites, including Drupal.