Android App Inventor - Using "List From CSV ROW" to populate a ListPicker (Drop-down List)

Recently I was asked to teach a class on Android Programming with the end-goal of them writing a simple game. As they were young students with experience in Scratch ( I used App Inventor ( because of its similarities - and because teaching Java / Android would have taken too long.

Take care when ordering Android Tablets from China...

This is a warning to those who see cheap tablets imported from China as an alternative to buying from a local supplier.

Installing an Ainol Novo 7 Paladin Tablet in Linux (Ubuntu)

I recently got one of these, and I love it.  But I'm doing some Grails development in Windows, for which I needed Java 7, 64-bit - so I've taken to doing my Android development in Linux.

While trying to install the tablet in Linux I came up against something I hadn't seen before... abd devices gave me the following output:

Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) Android Auto-complete very slow / freezes

Recently I have started developing for the Android platform - and this has forced me to face Eclipse, which I have never really liked.

The most annoying thing was the painfully slow way in which Eclipse seems to handle autocompletion of class and method names - its almost as if it passes the request around the office a bit, goes out for lunch, comes back, has a nap, then looks it up using an old-school rubber-cup 300-baud modem, chisels it into a stone tablet and returns it... eventually.  The worst example is setting an on-click listener for buttons, something I do a lot.