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Crystal Sets

s a child, my father got me into building my first crystal set.  I don't fully recall the details, but I seem to recall it was a kitset and I was in Nelson when I built it - If I remember I'll ask him.  What I do remember is building a few of them, including one that fitted inside a tic-tac container and another that had no tuning cap, just an icecream stick with a screw through the end that scratched through to vary the coil windings in use.

Ubuntu 10.04 Minimise Maximise Close buttons on the wrong (left) side...

UPDATE 2: Ubuntu 16.04 has blocked the ability to change this - good on you, assholes.

UPDATE: Ubuntu 13.04 requires a different fix, I've added it below

Well, I love the new release of Ubuntu...  but I really don't like the new layout of the min/max/close block... And nor do a lot of other people by the looks of things: it got its very own bug track with a massive number of posts on it (#532633).  Well, this is all fine, its Linux - I can change it... can't I?...

Firefox asking for permission every time you start it in Windows 7

Recently my Firefox browser started asking for permission to make changes to my computer every time I started it... which was getting a mite annoying... So a little bit of digging around led me to check the permissions of the Firefox executeable program on my machine.

Python tkinter GUI - change default icon: Windows vs. Linux

I'm learning Python at the moment... and as part of that I've been looking at creating platform-independent applications.

The first step, I figured, was to get a basic window operating cross-platform.  I did this, no problem.  I did some reading on tkinter, which seems pretty straight forward (apart from being Tkinter in Python 2.x and tkinter in Python 3.x - note the case change - pretty annoying for converting apps from the old version).  So that was all good anyway.

Ubuntu 9.10 and Sun VirtualBox

As part of my C programming course recently I needed a Linux environment to work in, so decided to give Sun VirtualBox a try as a way to run Ubuntu 9.10 on my Laptop (running Windows 7).  It works well, but required a little tweaking to get going properly.

First, you need to install guest additions - to do this you need to choose it from the devices menu at the top of the VirtualBox window... this mounts them as a virtual CD ROM drive in your Linux install.